Optegra / EPD.Connect
"Edit" Menü / "Edit" Menu

Add Component ...

Adds a component to the tree

Swap Components

Exchanges component positions

Reorder Components >

Changes component order


Undoes last edit


Restores edit after the Undo option


Cuts (deletes) components and transfers them to the clipboard


Copies components to the clipboard


Pastes components from the clipboard

Global Attribute ...

Edits assembly component attributes

Set Revisions

Sets selected items to the Vault revision value

Unset Revisions

Removes selected items from the Vault revision value

Options ...

Allows you to apply edits to a single node or multiple instances of a node

Edit > Add Component ...

Edit > Reorder Component > Sorting ...

Edit > Cut | Copy | Paste

Edit > Global Attribute ...

Edit > Options ...

Letzte Änderung / Last Update: 16.08.2007